For an ultra-perfect and matchless finishing

Finishing agents aren’t just used to improve the look & feel of textiles, but to enhance their quality as well. BR’s wide range of Finishing agents are suitable for a myriad of applications and are manufactured to meet the diverse requirements of various industries.

Imparts good flame retardancy to the material

Repels water, oil, dust and stains

Our solutions give great lasting, profound color and fiber-brightening impact

Includes a wide variety of softeners to give desired softness

Fabrics dry quicker, wick moisture away from the skin and stay soft and breathable

Changing attributes with
our solution

We master all finishing techniques and understand how to adapt our product solutions to your particular texture needs and manufacturing methods. Our solutions help to achieve finishes for various reasons: to protect them from water and oil, make them feel softer, or to make them last longer.

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