For more than just expelling impurities

We offer best-in-class Pretreatment package that not just removes the last traces of natural & added impurities, but also improves the quality of the fabric significantly thereby making it ‘fit for the purpose’. Our products are thoughtfully engineered to cater all the processes under pretreatment and are formulated to give the right properties to fabrics so that the ensuing downstream processes like dyeing, printing, finishing are carried out with utmost ease.

Enhances absorbency without causing physical or chemical damages

Substantially reduces the consumption of chemicals in the subsequent processes

Available for almost all kind of fabrics

Making beautiful fabrics, flawless

Making beautiful fabrics, flawless

BR offers a range of products such as Desizing Enzymes, Demineralizing Agents, Wetting & Rewetting agents, Scouring Agents, Peroxide Stabilizers and a variety of Neutralizers to impart desired properties to the fabrics in order to make the subsequent processes the fabrics undergo more efficient and effective. The Pretreatment package has a number of innovative products that suit different types of Pretreatment processes to make the fabrics as flawless as they are beautiful.

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