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BR is the leader in offering first-grade products for Pigment and Reactive printing. Our solutions offer superior quality & crispness to prints, improve fastness and give excellent stability to the prints, in both Pigment Printing & Reactive Printing.

Special penetrating agents, fixation accelerators and soaping agents enhance brilliance and colour value, along with sufficient fastness

Thickeners provide high colour value and extra softness

A vast array of specially made solutions are available for cellulosic fibres

Products to substantially improve the ecological profile of fabrics

intricate prints

For intricate prints that are beyond compare

BR’s pigment printing products are specially manufactured to achieve superior, well-defined outputs, along with good fastness properties. Our pigment pastes are a blend of carefully chosen ingredients which are proven to save water and other utilities significantly. The pigment printing package consists of high profile fixing agents, binders, thickeners, silicone softeners and adhesives. Our Texocryl series of Acrylic Binders are available in a variety of ranges, suitable for imparting the desired handle to fabrics, and are valued for their high durability.

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