Outclassing expectations with finest formulations

BR offers comprehensive solutions for each and every stage of Pigment Dyeing process, which are proven to improve the quality of the subsequent dyeing processes, also leading to shorter duration while dyeing and high stability afterwards.

Fulfills the ECO requirement on Aromatic amines, heavy metals, AOX etc

Gives excellent shades reproducibility

Subsequent dyeing and finishing processes can be performed in a single step

Increases productivity and saves water, chemicals & energy

Offers good levelness and very little migration alongside the stenter pins

Provides great handle along with washing, light, dry-clean and rubbing fastness properties

Pigment Dyeing

Setting the standard
for Pigment Dyeing

BR offers multiple products to make pigment dyeing effortless and extraordinary. Compound 96M, which is a blend of chosen and reliable auxiliaries is proven to perform exceptionally as migration inhibitor and lubricating agent. The acrylic polymer based Binder PM/S gives high mechanical stability, along with giving soft handle and good fastness to the fabrics. Our pigment dyeing products are known for their innovative formulations which provide the key desirable attributes.

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