Cut Out The Creases

The appearance of textiles is of utmost importance for commercialization and it’s also a significant parameter to assess quality. Wrinkling is a common property in textiles, especially in cotton fabrics. Cotton’s high absorption and swelling capacity are most likely to cause crease. When textiles like linen and cotton are laundered, the wrinkles are eliminated.

Attempts to reduce wrinkles by means of chemical treatment to textiles are in existence for quite some time. The advent of synthetic fibres has also created an urgency to produce wrinkle-free, durable press cotton garments.

What causes creases?

Cotton is made of a substance called cellulose which contains free hydroxyl groups. When the hydrogen links in cotton and linen react with water, the fabric will bend out of shape and form wrinkles in the cloth.

We, at BR Specialities, provide very effective solutions for easy care and wrinkle-free finish that comply with Oeko-Tex regulations.

Highlights of BR’s Wrinkle-free Finish

1. Complies with Oeko-Tex 100.

2. Formaldehyde is in permissible limits.

3. Less change in the appearance of the fabric as compared to conventional products.

4. Comparatively lesser deterioration of tear, tensile strength and elongation of fabric.

5. It’s 10-30 washes durable (depends upon the substrate).

6. With a durable press, our products will give soil release properties which are essential for cotton and linen trousers.

7. Improves fabric elasticity and resilience.

8. Crease recovery angle can be improved by 25-30% (depends upon GSM of Fabric i.e., if the GSM is 100 before treatment, then it will be 125-130 after treatment).

9. DP rating can be achieved up to 4 (depends upon GSM of fabric).

10.Products are compatible with softeners, so anti-crease and softening can be done simultaneously in a single pass.

Land Fills

The Finish Recipe to be done on Stenter:

NISER 100-140 GPL (Resin)
Cat MC 8-12 GPL (Catalyst)
Sewalube HD 20 GPL (Polythylene for tear strength)
Hydrowick PA 30 GPL (Softener+soil release )
Polytex RBFA 15 GPL (Softener for elastic finish & to improve tear and abrasion)
A/Acid 1-2 GPL (For pH-4)

Pick up 70-80%. Dry at 140°C for 2 Minute and Cure at 170°C for 30-40S with a residual moisture of 20%. To know more about our offerings, contact us.

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