Reinventing Chemistry for the Enlightened Generation

Since the advent of synthetic chemicals in the 19th century, a variety of textile dyestuffs had been made accessible and affordable to the people everywhere.

While the world rejoiced to have numerous choices of coloured and non-coloured textile chemicals to choose from, it was during the turn of the 21st century that the need for ‘responsible chemistry’ banged the doors loud. What had then been a rare topic, finding a place in some nook in the newspapers, became the main subject of discussion and an ethical-check on the dyestuff manufacturers, urging them to rethink the way chemistry is used - to benefit the industries without harming the environment.

Since its inception 40 years ago, BR Specialities has travelled with the rising and ebbing tides of Chemistry that after all these years, our Mission of ‘evolving with the changing trends’ has become even stronger and stands as the bedrock of our policies. ‘Responsibility towards Environment’ has been imbibed into our Vision and Mission

The DNA of BR’s Progressive Chemistry

Opinions, suggestions and ideas that focus on just one side of the problem are worse than not considering the problem at all. That’s why BR Specialities collaborated with a team of consultants, strategists and engineers who take the many sides of the problems into account and give solutions that align with our vision.

Extensive research led by our R&D team analyzed various challenges facing the industry today, leading to intriguing insights which are infused into rebranding BR Specialities.

Br Specialities Innovation across all the departments

The Making of Chemistry into everything that everybody seeks

With our Vision of Reinventing Chemistry for the generation that gives Sustainability and Progress in paramount importance, we decided to give our Products and Services an uplift to align with our goals. Good ideas may come from boardrooms but great ideas come from everywhere. To cater to the generation that keeps getting smarter with every click and swipe, our strategy was straightforward - we stepped out and asked them what they want - the kind of world they wish to see and the future they want to live in. Their vision for the future boiled down to just three things,

With these insights, we redefined our Brand’s personality. We wanted our brand’s personality to resonate with what people expected of Chemistry. We asked - If BR were personified, what would be their attributes? After a series of brainstorming and discussions with our customers, vendors and employees, we pinned down 4 major attributes,

Empathetic One who listens to the customers’ challenges and gives prompt solution Energetic One who has infectious passion and energy to positively impact the society
Authentic One who is truthful to the customers in terms of promises made and values provided Experienced One who carries bounds of experience in the field and is equipped to solving challenges

The Brand’s personalities and customers’ insights were abridged to reformulate what BR makes of Chemistry.

Br Specialities core values impacting Society and Environment

We needed a new identity to carry our Vision, Mission, Policies and Attributes forward. We explored a number of elements to convey our Progressive nature and finally found the Reuleaux Triangle fitting.

Br Specialities Progressing Chemistry brand logo

We delved deeper into our Brand’s purpose. We questioned, what does BR stand for and how does it add value to its customers, the environment and the society as a whole. The answers to these questions were found ingrained deep in our ethics and we just pronounced them out loud with our new identity.

Br Specialities Ethics

We reincarnated Chemistry into what it stands for, Chemistry isn’t just a tool to aid industries any more, but science that can be applied to solve real-world problems of the industry and of the society.

BR Specialities is right at the intersection of many benefits of Chemistry that is critical to positively impact the society.

Our products and services aid in Progressing society and Protecting the environment. By making Chemistry Intelligent, Efficient and Responsible - we Empower businesses and humans.

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